Saturday, May 16, 2009

Running North Trail Half Marathon in Dallas tomorrow

Okay, just got convinced by a friend, just now, to go do North Trail Half Marathon tomorrow. Nothing like 13.1 miles on a whim after 3 weeks of no running and a bad last race experience (Oklahoma City Half Marathon was a BEAT DOWN, weather was awful). I'm committing this in writing on Facebook and RaceNation to keep myself from changing my mind. :-)

Thankfully, weather should be decent for this. Worried more about the lack of a crowd. North Trails is a small race, couple hundred people, so I'm worried about how lonely the whole course will feel for someone at my almost 13-minute per mile pace.

But I do know a lot of Heels-and-Hills-ers doing this race tomorrow as their make-up race since H&H was canceled due to severe weather. So I hope to see my H&H peeps out there in their hot pink race shirts! I'll be in mine!

Good luck to all running. If you aren't doing the race, please come out and cheer on slowpokes like me! :-P

Happy Running!

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