Sunday, June 21, 2009

Voting on Heels and Hills and Him Shirt Done!

After the run yesterday morning, Paula and I and the two Heels-and-Hills-ers that came to run with us looked over color swatches and shirt samples that I spread over a car hood. It was time for final decisions on the Heels and Hills and Him technical ("dry-wicking") shirt that all half marathon registrants will get at packet pickup. After discussing the 4 shirt styles we were considering and the 6 color swatches, we settled on the final choices for the Heels and Hills and Him shirts! It will be a two-color tech shirt (very fancy!) available in both men's and women's sizes, and of course will feature the fun INAUGURAL Heels and Hills and Him logo!

We picked a shirt material color that we think will look flattering on both men and women. Sizing of the samples seems pretty true to form, not sized too large or too small as compared to other shirts the same "size".

We're working with the manufacturer now to get a men's and women's prototype created and printed, and we are so excited! If our runners liked the pink women's Heels and Hills tech shirts in May, then they will love these shirts for the fall. I can't wait until we have the prototype that we can show all the runners and walkers!

Here's the shirt from the May event:

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