Sunday, October 11, 2009

A few days on and now a few days off...

After spending two weeks in the dregs of race preparations and then sick with a horrible cold, I started running again last Monday.

I set my new plan on increasing my weekly mileage some and not so much focus on speed. I felt like my body just needed more miles if I'm going to improve my half marathon time.

So the next three days went like this...
Monday - 2 miles. Avg pace 10:53. Splits: 10:47, 10:59.
Tuesday - 3 miles. Avg pace 10:42. Splits: 10:23, 10:45, 10:57
Wednesday - 4 miles. Avg pace 11:19. Splits: 11:10, 11:17, 11:25, 11:26

Thursday I relapsed back into feeling awfully sick. So I haven't been able to run again. I didn't get a long run in this weekend, so that's a little upsetting. I'm going to wait until I'm feeling good again before I run. I don't want to start back again too early and not give my body the time it needs to rest.

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