Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Thing I Chose to Stop My Running Streak

...Before this week hit. It was a nice 5-day vacation in Napa Valley with my husband and another couple who are good friends.  I needed the rest and needed the break.

But the trip was interrupted Saturday night with a report from the grandparents that our toddler daughter had ANOTHER ear infection. The ENT doctor decided to push up her tube insertion surgery that was a couple weeks away to the immediate Wednesday.  But after we got home, we found she was just getting sicker - the antibiotics they had called in to get us by until the surgery weren't helping.  By this afternoon, her fever was out of control even on rotating doses of Motrin and Tylenol.  Another call to the doctor followed by a visit to the kids' urgent care clinic revealed that my toddler had strep throat on top of her ear infection!

Now the surgery is postponed to next week while we make sure she recovers from strep (and hopefully from the current ear infection).

Add to it that, while I was running the daughter to the urgent care clinic, hubby had to run one of our dogs back to our vet (where they were boarded during vacation), to find out the dog was indeed also sick and I wasn't crazy and just projecting my daughter's sickness onto the dog. :-) Dog has an upper respiratory infection.

Needless to say, I'm glad I stopped my running streak last week purposely. Because who knew all this was about to go down?!?

I wish I had gotten to run tonight, but hopefully I can start back up tomorrow night.  I had already decided to stay home this weekend to be with our poor little girl and not go run my first back-to-back halfs, and I think it's still a good decision with how sick she's been the last few days.

Nice thing about running - it's always there waiting for me when I'm ready for it. :-)

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  1. Great attitude Libby. Way to put what's really important first! Your final sentence says it all....

    Hope things are better this week!