Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's Do This - San Francisco Marathon Will Be My First

Okay, let's do this! After 6 years of running, 20 half marathons, 3 long-distance team relays, 1 25K, dozens of shorter distance races, and thousands of hours volunteered in the running community, time to do something I haven't done before - the Big M. MARATHON.


I actually get a lot of surprised reactions from people when they learn I haven't run a full marathon. It's just never been on my radar. And I'm not going to do a marathon purely out of peer pressure or because Oprah or Subway's Jared ran one. While I recognize that to many it's becoming "anyone can do a marathon", that doesn't mean we should all go out and sign up for one after our first 5K or our first half marathon.

I'm in a place where it feels like a good thing to go do, and I don't regret not doing one before now.  And yes, it's also absurd to do a marathon exactly 9 months after having a baby (and by C-section too). Yet the timing's never felt more right.

A few months ago, after a 3 page application was filled out and turned in, I was one of about 15 runners from across the US chosen to be a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador. We're runners who are personally excited about this race and who promote the goodwill and spirit of the race and are a local representative for the race in our areas. I have to say that while I'd been playing with the idea of a marathon for 2011, I had not thought about San Fran as the one. But then I got to know the staff member we connect with for our work as ambassadors, and I got to know the other ambassadors, many of which are veterans of the race. And then it just seemed like the race to do this at.

So July 31st - my first marathon. Come run with me! And if you can't, I will be looking for help and support as the weekly mileage and long runs get bigger and bigger. I have 20 weeks and 682 miles [update: 659.3, counted one too many weeks, included the week I'd just run] in my training schedule between me and race day.


  1. Enjoy your training. With so much experience, you'll do great!

  2. It will be great, Libby, one training run at a time and you will be there before you know it. I can't wait to follow your training!

  3. Let me know if you need someone to do a looooong run with. I've gotten good at it. ;-)

  4. You can do it lady!!! I know it! I will help as much as I can. Would love to run some with ya. =)

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  6. Thanks, Elaine, actually removed that whole element from the sidebar after you mentioned that (and yes, deleted your comment), since I don't routinely read the blogs I follow anyway. It's the whole "mom of 2 kids" things that keeps getting in the way ;-) So glad you allows post your new entries on FB or I'd miss them!

  7. @David, thanks!
    @Michelle, you know you wanna....come join me! ;-) I won't stop trying to woo you!
    @Ali (Miss Baroness), you are the queen of the long run. I will indeedy hit you up.
    @Elaine, thank you for the support and talking through my crazy plans with me before I completely committed or needed to be committed.