Sunday, October 16, 2011

Other Experiences from the Chicago Marathon

After posting my own 2011 Chicago Marathon race report, I asked out on Twitter for people to send me links to their own race reports, so I could read other runners' experiences. Here are the ones who sent me their reports - it was so fun to see so many shared details and a chance to be reminded of some specifics I'd forgotten and/or blocked out!

Phat Girl in a Little Coat: @brownsarahk ran her first marathon. She learned that the data on each Garmin screen should be set to the race conditions (I had changed my usual screen set-ups race eve). Sarah also saw someone trip one of the bridges. @abe_cortes had a great blog post about course race tips, and his warnings about the bridges and their metal grates helped me immensely! And I can totally understand her sentiment here: "I seriously wanted some hills about halfway through."

Cubicle Dad Runs: @cubicledad writes a moving recap. He could have quit at mile 10, he was not having a good race day, but he didn't give up and finished the race! Plus he was one of those people like who Sarah above saw, who fell on the bridge early in the race. Eek!

Turtles Against Cancer: @dpturtle tells a story of pacing gone horribly wrong. But reading the blog, you can really feel the despair and frustration in the moment. I can't even imagine trying to stay with someone for 26.2 miles in those crowds, and especially through the chaos of about 20 aid stations!

Running: My Anti-Drug: @kaylaruns ran her first marathon! I completely sympathize with the annoyance and disappointment when it feels like the race day conspires against you.

The Misadventures of Heldawg: @TheHeldawg has a great recap mile-by-mile with tons of detail. His struggle with the heat sounded a lot like my own recap.

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