Monday, November 7, 2011

The 50K: So Nice I'm Running It Twice - Heading to Wild Hare

On the drive home from finishing our first 50K the day before at Rocky Raccoon, Alicia and I chatted with Corina about future race plans. I had been very clear that I was not making any 2012 race plans until I finished this 50K. I didn't know where I would want to go next in my goals until I did this race. Did I want to someday do a 50 mile race? Did I want to do many more trail 50K races? Did I want to do frequent marathons like I'd been doing the last few months?

Corina is signed up for the 50K at Wild Hare, put on by Tejas Trails, in Warda, Texas in 2 weeks. Alicia and I looked at spring races and considered what to do next. Alicia had decided she wasn't so interested in road marathons and wanted to stick with trail 50Ks. I had said I needed to lower my weekly mileage between now and New Year's because my usual time spent running was going to need to be more dedicated to the work and details of race directing for the New Years Double race. Especially since people have been signing up way faster for this race than I had expected, and I'm feeling good that the race will max out at the participant limit. In addition to being a fulltime stay-at-home mom, that's a lot of work still to be done to get us to race day!

Alicia and I brainstormed some fun things to do in the spring. We're feeling a lot more recovered the day after than we had ever expected. So somehow it just came up... why not run ANOTHER 50K in 2 weeks at Wild Hare?

Well, that's a lot of time away from family. Okay, so we drive down late afternoon the day before, and we drive back that evening after the race (4 1/2 hour drive). Ugh, but doable. And with a 50-miler that same day, we have a much longer time limit so we can take it slower if we need to.

So Alicia and I went home, checked with our families, and signed up yesterday to run the Wild Hare 50K 14 days after our first 50K.

Are we certifiable? Probably! Do we need a running intervention? Perhaps!
But I'm having too much fun to really care!!


  1. Woot woot! Maybe we can get a room together at the crazy house! That's okay though, maybe they will have a trail out back they will let us run on each day!
    So much fun with you this weekend! Can't wait for Wild Hare!

  2. How can you say no to a medal like that?! Yes, you're certifiable but then aren't all runners? :)