Monday, January 23, 2012

Bought a Hydration Pack - the new UltraSpire Surge

I have a big race I'm shooting for in 9 weeks, the Gorge Waterfalls 50K.

I planned to use my 20 oz Amphipod handheld that I LOVE. I had sent friends Fiona (@theasgwifey) and Alicia (@trailscaredycat) someone's race report about the 50K. I was telling them I contemplated converting to Ultimate Direction's Wink hydration pack because so many girlfriends have it and really like it (even referred to as #bestpackever in my twitter frunner girl circles). But it was so expensive, $90, and I'd already missed out on the sale when they were changing out an older version of the Wink. And did I need to spend $90 when I had something that worked? And I'd just gotten a good deal on a running vest, so did I need the couple pockets?
From Ultimate Direction's website - the Wink that my friends all love using (older version was lighter blue and grey)
But then Fiona brought up from the race report I'd sent them that there were rock climbing and slippery conditions all over this race course. And it might not be a bad idea to have both hands free! Such a good point, Fi!

I went online again yesterday. Because of the change over into a new version of the Wink, I was finding a lot of stores were generally out of stock right now. Boo. But in looking around, I happened upon the UltraSpire Surge. It just came out on the market December 15, so it's brand new. I was happy to find that iRunFar had a detailed video review of the Surge.

From the UltraSpire website - a picture of the Surge pack in purple. I ordered it in Blue!
I watched it, read the tons of comments after the review, and then Googled around some more. I was worried it wouldn't fit well on a woman so wanted to check, since it's gender neutral. But the two sternum straps are lower than most. I'm more on the flat-chested side, so that's less of a issue. At the same time, I'm bigger than the average woman, both in height and weight. 5'8" and 153 pounds. Reading more and more, it appeared I'd be okay. They have lots of room in their cinch straps.

This pack is constructed by some longtime ultra trailrunners, so I loved the little details. The pulls for the pockets and the clips are even thought through as something you should be able to do with cold numb fingers or while wearing gloves! Love!

So I ordered it, and while supplies are limited until February, I'm hoping I get the email shortly that they are shipping it! I'll post how I like it once I get to try it out!

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  1. I wear a camelback on long or hot runs - sometimes even during supported races so I can have water when I want it. It takes a little bit getting used to but I could never get a handle on a handheld or a waistbelt, so it works for me! Good luck with your training! You are inspiring! :)