Monday, July 2, 2012

Growth as a Runner - Measured in Miles

Your growth as a runner can be measured by many things - your speed, your placing in the competitive running community, or completed running events. But for me, in the last year, it's been most measured for me in my miles run.

2009: 457.2
2010: 426.4
2011: 1002.7 (of which 544 miles were in the first half of the year)

And I ended out the first half of 2012 with... drumroll please... 696 miles!

Yes, the mathematician in me has already calculated out the percent increase this year's mileage to date represents: it's 28% more miles than the same time the year before.

And it's 3 times more than half of my 2010 miles.

Does that mean I expect to hit about 1400 miles for the year? No, not likely. I'm a mess around the time I am race directing. I don't take very good care of myself - eating, drinking, sleeping - and I don't run very much. And with two races on my fall calendar to produce for the first time, that'll be double that effect. So chances are likely I will have minimal running from September 22 to October 13 (Showdown Half Marathon and 5K), and from December 10 to January 1 (New Years Double).

Do I have a goal number of miles in my head? I have several friends who do. 500 miles, 1000 miles, 1200 miles for 20"12", or 2000 miles. Me, not so much. I have goal races, and I want to hit the number of miles I need to enjoy those events. No more, no less!

How is your running going now that we're halfway through 2012? Do you have a mileage goal?

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  1. I approach running the same way, with races that I want to enjoy. Total miles are not as important to me. Way to go on getting in so many miles though! Undeniably impressive even if there isn't a goal attached!*