Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blue Hands for 50 Miles

Saturday is my first 50 mile race at the Woodstock 50 in Michigan. I've been full of mental preparations and mantras, along with all the physical preparations of so many hours of run training, strength training, and chiropractor visits.

Let me preface that I am not a girly-girl in the sense of dressing up, drooling over clothes, wearing makeup, or getting manicures or pedicures. I have painted my own nails probably 2 times in 15 years and probably only had a manicure another dozen times in all those years.

So I came up with an idea a couple days ago. If I had a low point during the race, got down about finishing or just tired and emotional, I wanted something that would instantly brighten up the moment remind me that I'm loving this experience and having fun. Even when you are having fun, 15 hours of fun is going to be tiresome and I am bound to have a low point, especially since at my pace I will spend most of those hours running completely alone through the woods.

I decided to paint my nails a bright fun color! I wanted it to match my outfit. My go-to for races is my San Francisco Marathon Ambassador gear. I love representing a race I enjoy so much that's made with a lot of heart.

So I did something I never do - I went shopping for nail polish. I picked out Sally Hansen's CALYPSO BLUE. Yes, this is about as wild as I get. But with the finished product, I'm thrilled.

It will be my bright spot for when all other lights in me feel dimmed!


  1. LOVE the nail polish!! Yay for painting your nails a 3rd time in 15 years?! Or is this the actual 2nd time? Good luck this weekend, Libby! You give those 50 miles hell! =)

  2. Love the color! That's a great idea - I might have to bring along something fun like that for my race later this month... :)

    Oh yeah, and you rock those 50 miles!!!

  3. Nails look gorgeous! Good luck this weekend.

  4. Hand in your man card, that is seriously girly-girl.

    Good luck in Michigan!!

  5. Best of luck to you this weekend...Rock those miles, and just keep making Relentless Forward Progress ! :-)