Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PR... Or Bust? Rocky Raccoon 50K 2012 Looms Close

I don't know why I'm putting such pressure on myself about this race. I have the Rocky Raccoon 50K on Saturday. It will be the first anniversary of my first 50K there one year ago. It's been an amazing year. Since then I've done 4 more 50Ks (Wild Hare, Gorge Waterfalls, Bartlett Park Ultras, and Palo Duro), my first 50M (Run Woodstock), and 5 marathons (Cross Timbers, Garmin Oz, Oklahoma City, New Jersey, San Francisco). I've slowly become a little faster. For months, I've been saying that I wanted to go back to Rocky Raccoon and blow last year's time out of the water (last year's time was an 8:22).

But a month ago, I kinda did that without intending to, finishing Bartlett Park Ultras 50K with a 7:18 and sobs of happiness. Since then, I directed a new half marathon, The Showdown Half Marathon, and directing a race is completely draining for me. I spent a week walking around afterwards like a zombie, then Palo Duro 50K happened, and it was 105 degrees, and I walked the last 9 miles knowing I still wanted to race Rocky Raccoon.

I feel like life hasn't really slowed down. But I hold on to big goals for Rocky.

GOAL A: Sub-7 (13:30 pace) -- yeah, I said it, I'd love LOVE love to go under 7 hours in a 50K. That to me symbolizes a lot in a move I've been making to the midpack.

GOAL B: Sub-7:18 (14:06 pace) - a new PR

GOAL C: 7:18 to 7:30 - establishing consistency with my current PR, even if I don't break it, would be good too.

GOAL D: Sub-8:22 - better my time from last year. Goal D should be achievable at this point for me even if the race conditions are awful.

I'm going to go for it in a way I haven't quite done before. At a push where I feel a much higher likelihood that if it doesn't go well, I will combust magnificently out on the course. Nothing like a crash and burn with a 5 mile death march at the end of the 50K. But instead I'll hope that I can keep that push up the whole 7 hours.


  1. Good lucky, Libby! It sounds like if the running gods are on your side, you can achieve your A goal! Or crawl to the finish line trying. (But hopefully no crawling will take place!)*

  2. Good luck! Some races you just have to go for it and hope your guts, head, and heart can hang on and take you there. :)

  3. You never know what the day is going to bring, but we'll be cheering for you the whole way! So excited for you! You are such an amazing runner and what you have already accomplished this year (on top of pulling off a flawless and super awesome Showdown Half Marathon!) Wishing you a great race!!