Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 Goals - The Year of RUGGED

2012 could be termed the year of the 50 miler. Where I went from being "No way do I ever want to do 50 miles" to completely inspired by the 100 mile runners while volunteering at Western States Endurance Run 100 Mile to "Okay, I want to go for it", to completing my first 50 miler in September, to signing up for another 50 miler (Rocky Raccoon in February) a month or so later because I knew it would sell out.

For 2013, the theme is RUGGED.

The races themselves will have rugged components like definition 1 and, like definition 2, I will react by becoming rugged to match the terrain I'll be running. By the end of 2013, I'll be rugged - "strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling." Withstanding rough handling. For someone who strives to keep doing multiple ultramarathons a year, those are powerful words.

I thought over the last couple months about the "need to compete." It's easy to feel like you NEED to go do all 50 milers after you do your first, or, more appropriately, your first 100 mile race. I struggled with this, letting go of what others feel like they and you need. I don't have a big interest in doing a 100 mile race. And right now I feel like I have a lot of experience to gain and speed to be found in the 50K distance. The 50K is not "just 5 miles more than a marathon." On a non-technical course, it's still 7+ hours out there weathering the elements. On a hard course, it can be 10+ hours enduring. That's not just a little over a marathon.

So in 2013, I plan to complete at least 5 50K races and 1 50 Mile race. More detail in a race calendar post soon. But it kinda looks like this...
  • Weathered the mud, rocks, and sotol cactus of Texas desert at Bandera 50K
  • Complete my second 50 Mile race at Rocky Raccoon
  • May will bring a 50K through woods with terrain described as "craggy foothills"
  • June brings rugged mountains of Wyoming where the terrain and the altitude will meet to give me a hard time
  • July has altitude plus climbs with constant up and downhills on a challenging course.
  • September will be the most memorable I am betting as I traverse lava and pumice fields in an area not actually open to the public with a tiny race field on terrain that will look like the surface of Mars.
This year I will gain experience, amazing time on my feet doing what I love, beautiful sights and memories, and I will be made rugged by it!


  1. Awesome goals Libby!! Lots of beauty with some beasts (challenges). Looking forward to hearing/reading on your experiences.

  2. Sheesh... an Ironman seems like toddler play in comparison!! Absolutely amazing! Can't wait to follow your adventures this year (and run all of your Active Joe races!)

    1. Thanks, girl. And you are going to have quite the adventure with your 50 miler too. I'm so excited for you!

  3. I love your theme, and I know you know this already but you are a bad ass. Definitely looking forward to some awesome race reports! My 2013 theme: faster triathlete (no new distances, not a lot of just-for-fun races, just working at being a better and more focused triathlete).

    1. Ooh, I like that theme - it's well-defined in what you are looking for. And thanks, I'm just dorky little me, off on another adventure. :-D

  4. Totally awesome theme and goals!