Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Run in Bad Weather = Great Day to Do Speed Work

Yesterday's run was thwarted when my husband had to work late. This morning's attempt at getting that run was thwarted when my toddler (who just started school a week ago) was crying a ton and having a horrible day so I went to pick her up from school early to have some extra mommy comfort time.

So tonight I was determined to get the run in. But husband wasn't home at a great time then I had to get the dinner I'd made out on the table, give Marissa a bath, and get her to bed. Somehow managed to still make it out the door about 7:40.

In the hour before the run, I didn't look up the weather and I didn't look out the window. I didn't want to know what it was like outside. I didn't want any excuse to cancel the run.

Stepping outside it was a steady rain. I thought, "This won't be so bad." Then I notice the wind. The first half of the run most of its at my back and there's still a little light outside. I had decided to do mega-speedwork and try something I hadn't done before. Shoot for 9:30 pace for 3 minutes then recovery walk for 1 minute and then repeat. Try to do this at least three times.

I'm staying on track, better than 9:30, and then I hit the turnaround and thought "This was a really really bad idea." The wind has really picked up and it's right in my face on the way back. It's gotten dark. At times I can't see anything. It feels like icicles stinging my face, like I'm being attacked the entire time. With the headwind and how heavy my feet feel after sloshing through heavy puddles, I feel like I'm running through oatmeal. I can't seem to stay on 9:30 pace or read my watch half the time so I give myself a little allowance against the 9:30 goal with the whole "oatmeal running" "severe weather" thing.

I finish and come through the front door of my house looking like a drowned rat. And I'm really happy with what I did. AND I need to learn where the setting is to turn on the little indiglo light on my Garmin GPS so that it stays on, because I can't imagine my form was great having to constantly hit the light button to check pace or how close I was to the next start or finish of an interval.

Weather check right after the run...
69 degrees

1.44 miles total in 15 minutes = 10:26 pace

1st interval - 3 minutes - 9:32 pace
1 minute walk break (17:16 pace)
2nd interval - 3 minutes - 9:18 pace
1 minute walk break (17:01 pace)
3rd interval - 3 minutes - 9:41 pace
1 minute walk break (14:16 pace)
4th interval - 3 minutes - 9:56 pace

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