Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And My Energy Returns! With a New-found Love for the Elliptical Machine!

I've been saddled with some awful first trimester fatigue for the last couple months, but as I hit 12 weeks now, I find in the last couple days, my energy seems to be returning!  I stepped onto our elliptical here at home for the first time in a long time on Friday and made it through 20 minutes (2.05 miles).

And then yesterday I was able to get two visits to the elliptical in, 20 minutes (2.40 miles) and 10 minutes (1.25 miles).  This morning, another 10 minutes (1.10 miles)!

Why the elliptical?
  1. It's convenient. My energy is returning, but I wouldn't call it a surge. I can still get worn out easily.  This means the home gym item is a major plus at this moment. 
  2. It's indoors! But why not back to running outside? Well, besides the fatigue, I've suffered horribly the last 9 weeks with allergy-like symptoms like none that I've ever had any previous year.  Congestion, sinus pressure, wheezing, and coughing.  And that's with the daily Zyrtec.  And when you are pregnant, you can't take much for it because of the concern for spiking your blood pressure.
  3. It's still cardio. Right now, my goal is to not completely lose my base fitness level. This is also my biggest fear. I worried all of the first trimester that I wouldn't get to run in my second trimester because I had completely lost my base. And they say during pregnancy - you can maintain a base, but you can't build a base.

I saw the chiropractor this morning for a "tune-up" as I call it, and he wasn't overly thrilled with my new elliptical love.  He thinks it's not great for my knees, causing some rotation of the kneecap, putting more pressure and therefore pain on the outside of each foot, and forcing the hip to kick out with each rotation.  So now the mission is to control my allergies to get me back to outdoor running and less elliptical dependence.  I'm going to investigate a few things he suggested, like ionizers in the house and bee honey / pollen orally.  Of course, even if we get past this congestion/wheezing problem, I'll then have to reacclimate to the outside temperatures for running.  In the meantime, more regular chiropractor appointments as I continue to use the elliptical.

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