Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 2010 Workout Miles Calculated

While I felt like my miles the last couple months were pretty paltry, given not always feeling so great in this pregnancy, I calculated end of month totals today and compared to the past and was pleasantly surprised.

June 2010: 39.8 miles (27.8 miles running + 12 miles elliptical)
Compare to last June when I WASN'T ALMOST 5 MONTHS PREGNANT!
June 2009: 41.3 miles - almost exactly the same!

Plus, year-to-date totals have me feeling a lot better...

January - June 2010 total: 326.7 miles
January - June 2009 total: 180.9 miles (!)

Hoping I can keep getting in some miles for a while longer in this pregnancy! Ever hopeful!

Next up: Liberty by the Lake 10K in The Colony, TX, on Saturday, July 3.  Sadly, no Athena category - it is the first year this race has added a 10K to their usual 5K, and with a lot of local races to choose from, I'm wondering how lonely it will be in the back-of-the-pack of this 10K. No matter, just curious.

Happy Running!

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