Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No Diabetes but Gotta Watch Those Calories

Monday morning was my roughly 28 week pre-natal check-up at the obstetrician's office. It was a full appointment of poking and prodding.

I had to do the glucose test for gestational diabetes. I had 4 minutes to drink a bottle of nastily sweet fruit punch, then I wait an hour while I get hyper and twitch and tweak, and then they draw a few vials of blood to test. If you are found to have it, luckily studies and protocal indicate that 30 minutes of exercise a day can keep having the move to taking insulin away and generally help manage the condition.  As a pregnant runner, that's doable.  Luckily, test came back negative - phew! That's a relief!

Also had to get an Rhogam shot because of Rh factors in my blood. I'm not a biologist or doctor so I'm not going to explain all that. Go google it. :-)

And we reviewed my weight.  I've been CHRONICALLY underweight this whole pregnancy. To the point where I was trying my best to shovel extra heavy carb calories down my gullet for fear the doc earlier on would take away my running because of the calorie burn from long runs!  At this appointment, we found I had gained 11 pounds in 4 weeks! Wow, maybe my body's trying to catch up.  Luckily, I'm now just at a 12 pound weight gain.  Normal weight gain over the full pregnancy term is 25 to 35 pounds. They estimate you should gain 1-5 pounds in the first trimester and than on average a pound a week from then on.  For 28 weeks along, that would mean they are expecting rough weight gain of 17-22 pounds.  So I've gotten a lot closer to normal expectations.

The concern is only if I gain ANOTHER 11 pounds over the NEXT 4 weeks.  I admit I've had more of an appetite (finally!) this last month and a rabid sweet tooth.  Plus I ran a lot less through August.  So I just need to keep an eye on those calories.

So, good appointment.  Everyone's healthy! YAY!


  1. Girl, you're doing awesome! I had NO problem gaining 60 lbs in all my pregnancies. You are being a great example for your little one already!