Thursday, September 30, 2010

Went from "Gungho!" to "Heck No!"

Yes, I've had some moments like this during the pregnancy, but this morning's a pretty strong one.  On Tuesday, I completed a 6.3 mile run after a 3 week hiatus, and in the running high afterward, thought I would run a 15K on Saturday.  I even pre-registered for the event.

I was kinda sore yesterday.  Today, I'm having searing abdominal pain below my belly button (not that unusual for me and had awful abdominal pain my last trimester with Marissa).  Left leg is locking up into my hip again which is causing some stabbing pain and a numb lower leg.  I've now reminded myself of how sore I was in my pelvis / core / upper thighs after the last 15K a few weeks ago.

So after waking up to that joy of joys, I told my husband no race on Saturday and right now I'm not so keen on running anymore. PERIOD.

Why? Here's how I summed it up to him:
"At this point in the pregnancy, everything's uncomfortable, and now it's all about what's less uncomfortable.  And I have to face it, running is doable but really uncomfortable."
I don't know how I'll feel about all this tomorrow.  I want to continue to keep my weight gain in check (while keeping the baby a healthy size) and my muscles active, to aid in recovery.  But I also get discouraged now that they've actually scheduled the required C-section and it's now hit home that they are going to cut through my entire abdominal muscle and there's only so much you can do now that will help THAT major surgery recover better and quicker.

We'll see - I'm down but not out.  Just venting my thoughts for the day. This blog only keeps me honest when I talk about the lows along with the highs of this journey.


  1. This is how naive I am about childbirth .... I had no idea they cut through your abdominal muscle during a C-section. I cringed when I read that!
    Well best of luck to you --- and if you can't vent on your own blog, well then where can you?!?

  2. You're in your last couple of months... I think listening to your body is super smart. I bet you get back in running form in no time. I understand the Cs... all 3 of mine were Cs. Ugh. They don't listen to instructions even in womb.