Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Mommy Triathlon

Yesterday was a Mommy's version of a triathlon...

1) 10.3 hot and humid but most of all HILLY miles at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano with the North Texas Runners. A lot of new people joined the club, and I was happy to see new faces in the group. I prefer a running club to be "a club, not a clique", so you want to see and interact with different people at every workout! Blessed to run with friends, I completed the full run with Corina, and Shannon joined us the last few miles.

T1 (Transition Area 1): Drove home, literally dunked myself in the tub with some soap, threw on new workout clothes, downed a Starbucks and breakfast sandwich, threw on a hat, and drove to the gym. In-and-out in 15 minutes!

2) I met with a new personal trainer to start doing strength training leading up to my first marathon at the San Francisco Marathon on July 31, just 10 weeks ago. I talked last week about how much I had realized I need strength training during my first-ever 20 mile run last Sunday. He did a great job assessing my fitness level and we did a hard hour of strength and balance exercises, most of which focused on core and legs.

T2 (Transition Area 2): Drove home, dunked myself in the tub again, changed into day clothes, kept on the hat, and headed out with Marissa to go to a 4 year old's birthday party.

3) 2 hours of a birthday party. 10 3-5 year olds at this party, and other parties going on, in one of those loud indoor warehouse party places.

Yes, the last one is what makes this day so exhausting ;-) and that's why it's called a Mommy Triathlon!

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  1. Oh yeah, number 3 is a doozy! I went to just ONE party like that, and I got there as they were cleaning up, and even that exhausted me!