Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Much Total Time Does YOUR Running Cost?

Yes, I want to know. I'm putting this together as a follow-up to today's guest blog post on the San Francisco Marathon blog called "Living, Breathing the Marathon Training" where I talked about all the things that count in our training, whether it's the running hours (many don't even add up how much it will be before they start a training plan) or the time not spent running but recovering or prepping for the run.

I think it does us all good to occasionally evaluate how much we're committing and make sure it has the right emphasis in the pie chart of how we're spending our time. So leave me a comment and tell me estimates of hours spent on the following last week...
  1. Running
  2. Non-running physical activities last week (cross-training, strength training, yoga, etc)
  3. Recovery (chiro, sports doc, massage, icing, epsom bath, ice bath)
  4. All other non-running things (commute, grooming, extra sleep, morning prep)
And let me know if you are training for the San Francisco Marathon or if not, what are you currently in training for. Did your totals surprise you?

Your comments may appear in next week's San Francisco Marathon blog entry!!!

As promised in that last blog post, I'll also be adding up the time, in a little more detail than I did in the blog entry. So look for a post about that soon.


  1. 1. When I'm not training for a long endurance race I spend about 4-5 hours running per week. At peak times training for anything over a 50k I'll bump that up to about 8-10 hours per week.

    2. I'll do a little strength training in the off season but not much at all while getting ready for a big race. Last week I spent maybe an hour on strength training.

    3. Zero time on recovery other than making sure I get the sleep I need during the week.

    4. Very little time here as well. I do most of my running right out the front door. Every once in a while I will head into Fort Worth for a run but not very often.

    I try and balance my family life (I've got 4 kids) by doing a lot of week day running after they go to bed and starting my long runs early on the weekends. Family always comes first and don't run as many miles as I would like, and sometimes don't get out to a lot of running events in other towns like I would like, but I get my training in and spend as much time with my family as I can.

  2. This is a great post... Id say lately, ive only been running 30 miles a week (at about an 8 min/mile pace) ... So that is 4 hours.. commute to and from run is 15 minutes each way (5 days a week), so thats 1.5 hours.. and then you have 20 minutes of showering/getting dressed... so, i guess thats close to 7 hours a week spent on running/getting ready to run.

  3. 1. Running--an average of 4-5 hours a week
    2. Cross training--5 hours a week
    3. Recovery--not a ton (chiro once a month, massasge therapy bi-weekly, misc foam rolling at home. Commute to chiro/massage therapy can add up as it is usually a 30 minute trip one way from home (closer from work)
    4. Misc--approx 2.5 hours total commute (incl cross training), I run before work so the grooming isn't anything that I wouldn't do already except for the occasional extra trip to the gym or extra run (you can add in an hour or so for the random workout)
    Sometimes the total time investment is more if it is a race week--extra commute, packet pick-up, arriving extra early to secure parking, etc.