Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shattered, in a Good Way

Today my precious baby Sophie turned 6 months. And I totalled up my running miles for May and shattered my previous pre- and post-baby mileage totals for monthly mileage! A fact that strikes me so much more when I hold this itty-bitty baby as I write this.

In May, I ran 123.4 miles! For me, that's a lot of miles. I know for some marathon training it's not. Again, with two small kids and a busy life, tons of miles.

So since Sophie was born, and the 5-inch incision in my abdomen to get her here, I've run:
January: 50.1
February: 57.8
March: 100.5
April: 102.5
May: 123.4

TOTAL: 434.2 miles. And we still have 7 months left in the year! So excited to see what I can get this body to do!


  1. Amazing....I can't imagine running that much mileage in one month. I've never gone more than 95 miles.