Monday, June 13, 2011

Criticism is an Often Feared Reaction to Action

Today's Quote:

While action exposes you to criticism, inaction exposes you to a life only half-lived.

I had a lightbulb moment yesterday for a new race idea. I was really excited and even put thoughts and research to paper and put together a 3 page outline with all kinds of details. I don't really need to be taking on a new race right now though. I mentioned on Twitter that this had occurred and asked "why can't I just lay low?" It led to a fun little conversation with Twitter friend Leslie where I don't know how to lay low. I'm about following my passion. Yes, I'm not the best at race production, but I enjoy it, feel like it has helped others, and think that I do it well enough to benefit the running community. However, even if you do great things, any action exposes you to criticism. But that's no reason to avoid living and following your passion!

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  1. Girl... keep planning, and sign me up first! I love your events. As you know, I brought several runners to HnH this year. A couple weeks after, I brought some of the same runners to a different event... and they all said that it was "intimidating" and they felt "out of place". Feelings that they did *not* have at your race.