Monday, July 4, 2011

Halfway Thru the Year - Time to Check-in

2011 is already halfway over. I added up my miles, and I'm at 544.4! To put in perspective, I finished 2010 with 426.4. 2009 was 457.2 miles. So this is a huge increase for me.

Little goals since I've already way surpassed previous years. Let's shoot for passing 1,000 miles, mmkay? Basically, just stay on target for the training for my races through the end of the year and that should be totally doable. That may even be on the low end. A harder-to-reach goal might be 1,300 miles. So I'll keep that number on the horizon as well.

It's 4 weeks to the San Francisco Marathon. My last big 20 mile run is this coming Saturday. Then a nice 3 week taper and race day! I can't wait to complete my first 26.2-mile race, my first marathon, and see what all this fuss is about. ;-) Maybe I'll hate the distance, maybe I'll love it. Maybe I'll want to only ever do half marathons again. Maybe it'll be all about the destination marathon after this. Who knows? It's crazy how much unknown seems to rest at that finish line for me.

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