Friday, February 24, 2012

A Mid-Training-Plan Crisis: Sports Car Not Included

I've finally realized that about 5 weeks out from a race I tend to suffer from a "Mid-Training-Plan Crisis". It's not like everyone's going poorly. It's just far enough out from the end, the finality, that I freak out and completely lose common sense. I want to abandon the plan, tweak the plan, catastrophically change the plan.

It's 6 weeks into an 11 week training plan. With a 3 week taper for my 50K, that's 2 weeks left to throw myself into hard training. Long enough to tweak. Not long enough to significantly change things. Long enough to do something stupid and get myself injured.

But I must trust my training and stick with the plan. This blog post is super short today. Why? Because to go into much more detail would basically rehash the Beginner Beat column in the upcoming April 2012 issue of Texas Runner & Triathlete magazine. I write the column each month and thought this feeling would be a great one to discuss.

I'm sure I'm not the only one. Does this point in a training plan drive you a little bonkers?


  1. You're gonna do great! Please don't injury yourself! I more just look back at anything I missed and am like - crap! Am I gonna do poorly because of this??

  2. Oh, also looove the title of this blog!

  3. Thanks! I think the longer version of this topic will be amusing reading in the April issue of Texas Runners and Triathlete, LOL. My pain is everyone who reads it's gain. It's really been a weird week too since I've been so sick. Gotta TRUST THE TRAINING.