Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Shocking Total in January's Running Report Card

It's that time where every runner tallies up their miles and blogs about it. Well, after directing a race and a sinus surgery, in January, I didn't even have my first run back until January 12th. While I have been going through an intense ramp-up, I assumed my miles wouldn't be too high - it was just too little of the month. But I went ahead and added it up this morning.

January 2012: 100.1 miles! Yes, over 100 miles! And that's 22 1/2 hours of running, and another 7 hours of strength training sessions with my trainer!

No wonder I'm sore today. So I will start February with no running today, but an hour strength training this evening, so it's not a day completely "off".

This last 5 days, I've hit 41.2 miles. And with tomorrow night's intended run, I should have my highest 7-day mileage total ever. 

The hard miles won't stop there... February goal: about 140 miles!