Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 - Year in Review - Running and More!

I had dubbed 2013 my "Year of Rugged". Bandera, a strong 50 mile PR improvement, Bighorn, North Face Bear Mountain, Bighorn, Tahoe Rim Trail, and Volcanic all worked to make the year live up to its name.


Some statistics for my 2013 running:
  • 167 runs
  • 13 runs of 20 miles or more (combo of races and training runs)
  • 6 races of marathon distance or longer - 2 Marathons, 3 50K, 1 50 Miler.
  • Crewed or paced 3 100 milers.
  • Ran races in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, New York, Missouri, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington
  • 1,263 miles.
  • Directed 4 races for the local DFW running community that included 4500 participants across the events (okay, this isn't MY running, but it's running-related and a big piece of my life!).

2013 Month by Month
And how my 2013 calendar year broke down in experiences (some running, some race directing, some just life); regardless of whether they were high or low points, they are still memorable:


Goodness there were a lot of great moments with even greater friends. This is not all encompassing, but a sample of just a few...

Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile - Me and Lesley

Bighorn - Lesley, Jeremy, and myelf

Western States 100 - Team Tim (Ace, Me, Meredith, Tim, Nancy)

Tahoe Rim Trail 100M/50M - New friends and old (Jennifer, Reece)

Javelina Jundred - great friend Elaine

New Years Double - Me, Josh, Lesley

What does 2014 hold? 

More to come on that at another time. I have a few races I'm already registered for on my calendar, I have 2 or 3 potential 100 miler crewing/pacing opportunities that may happen, a lot more running with friends in my future, and attempts to challenge myself too!

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  1. You inspire me lady! I hope to make it up to one of your races this year and give you another sweaty hug! :)