Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just The Facts, Ma'am! 2009 Running Stats Summary

As 2009 closes, I wanted to take a look at how my running went this year, to prepare to herald in 2010!

Runs: 112

Miles Run: 457.2
    Even more significant...
    Miles run in first half of 2009:      180.9
    Miles run in second half of 2009: 276.3

Miles Run on a Treadmill: ZERO!  I ran in the dark, in pouring rain, in near freezing rain, in strong wind, in cold, in the Texas summer heat - this is something I am proud of!

Approx. Number of Hours Run in 2009: 87 hours (estimated as calculation wasn't easily available this year, but will be next year!)

Half Marathons Completed: 8

Races of Other Distances Completed: 7

PRs Set: PRed every distance - PRed at 10 of 15 races run in 2009!
    PRed Half Marathon 5 of the 8 attempts
    PRed 5K once in a race and then once since then in training
    PRed 10K three times
    PRed 15K twice

Number of miles run in training (doesn't count races) in first half of year:        73.9
Number of miles run in training (doesn't count races) in second half of year: 214.9

Wow, I did a much better job of getting out there and training in the second half of the year.  Previously, I would use races as my motivation to go run.

Coming very soon... 2010 Goals and Race Calendar!

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