Thursday, December 24, 2009

Miserable Run in the Cold

Today was one of those runs where you spend the entire time questioning why you are doing it.  After an hour walking around the house in tights, jacket over long sleeve shirt over short sleeve shirt, and ear warmers, I finally stopped procrastinating and went out to run.  Why did today have to be the day that the Garmin GPS took FOREVER to locate satellites? 

Weather conditions were 38 degrees with a 5 mph cold north wind.  Overcast skies but it wasn't until I was 1/2 mile in that the near-freezing drizzle started.  I played games with my run to keep me from returning home only a mile into the run.  Instead of the planned 11:15 pace (about 15 sec/mi faster than my current PR pace for 10K/15K/Half Marathon), I did some mild speedwork.  I did a fast mile to start and then 1/2 mile repeats with a 0.1 mi recovery between each half-mile.  My legs felt like lead and I didn't think in this cold that I could focus on mile repeats.

Mile 1 - 10:46
Next 1/2 mi - 10:19
Next 1/2 mi - 11:06
Next 1/2 mi - 11:05

Now off to try to warm up!  Brrr....

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