Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to Running...Maybe?

I admit it - after doing that first 25K race ever at El Scorcho - I hadn't run since.  Within a few days, the typical Texas summer heat hit us, and even well-hydrated veteran runners were talking about how hard it was running in it.  Running in the morning was bringing up my newer symptom of morning sickness and it was typically around 100 degrees still by 8 pm.  Add to it that Marissa was off school for two weeks, and a trip for a wedding to Mexico with no ability to run there, and before I knew it, it had been three weeks since I ran.

This morning, I had a yummy pancake breakfast with a friend.  And leaving I noticed the weather was pretty nice - area storms had cooled it down quite a bit and there was a breeze.  So with Marissa in school this morning, I decided to go for a run.

I could tell my tummy had gotten bigger and some muscles were not used to the work involved in running.  But I took turns between running and walking, taking it easy, and completed 3.1 miles in a little over 47 minutes.  Now let's see how sore I am tomorrow. :-)  I could feel my abdominal oblique muscles working overtime, and I really need to focus on my running form as I find my hips wanting to go into an anterior tilt (i.e. belly out, and tailbone out, hips tilted towards the back).  Too much of an anterior tilt will keep straining abdominals, irritate and shorten up my hamstrings, and cause low back pain.

I wonder what the weather will be like the next couple weeks. Maybe I'll be back outside running again soon!

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  1. Since I'm doing the sweet and twisted tri this weekend I've had to re-heat acclimate (most of my training has been in the gym) and let me tell you - the first 85 and humid run was the WORST, but today I just felt normal.

    I hope everything holds up and you can continue running! I'm following 2 preggo runners right now and you both definitely are inspiring! :)