Monday, August 2, 2010

July Mileage Total - Where Do I Go From Here?

I ended July with the following totals and achievements:
  • Miles completed: 101.0
  • Of that total, elliptical miles accounted for 21.6 miles and all the rest was outdoor running... in the TX heat.
  • SECOND highest mileage month EVER! (Feb. 2010 is my highest ever with 110.5 miles)
  • Completed my first 25K race - race report here... - this made it my 8th race of a half marathon distance or longer in 2010!
Saturday and Sunday were intended to be longer runs with groups down in Dallas starting at 6 am. Saturday, I was not able to keep my breakfast down, and I'm a runner who always eats before I run. I would not dare to go out pregnant, in this heat, and run 10 miles on a newly empty stomach. So I went back to bed and missed that run.

Saturday night, 3 more hours of bad "morning" sickness (just bad nausea at least) along with baby kicking me like crazy. This kept me up late and I was exhausted by my 4:30 am Sunday morning alarm wake-up. I went back to bed and scrapped the Sunday run.

I worry I'm hitting a phase of more nausea and tummy problems coupled with the fact that the baby's been having marathon kick-my-guts-out sessions that are just unsettling - I would not want to run during those.

And the last two days have been incredibly hot. I'm not a morning runner anyway, I'm a night owl. But in the evenings, it's still been almost 100 degrees by 7-8 pm.

AND...Marissa's off school for the next two weeks so no mid-morning runs (more reasonable for this night owl).

So what do I follow July up with given all that? Part of me is thinking about just spending the month on the elliptical (we own a commercial grade elliptical here at the house so it's pretty darn convenient).  Maybe read the manual and try some different workout types (I always just hop on and log miles).  The whole point being to keep some cardio going, keep my leg strength up and my core engaged - especially important at 5 1/2 months pregnant. Then in September when it cools down, hopefully get back to running, if I feel up to it.

There's just no reason to tax my body in this heat or stress myself out about runs right now. Happy for feedback and ideas. But keep pool running thoughts to yourself - I've got some waterphobia so as good as I know it would do me, realistically, it's just not gonna happen folks given the mental issue with hopping into a pool.

Happy Running!

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  1. After an epic July, I think August sounds like a good month to take it easy. After half marathons, my mileage goes to crap - I really admire how you can keep it up!