Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank You Lawn Guys

Today was beautiful weather and yet such a hard and easy workout all at the same time.  With this pregnancy, like my last, I am having some off and on recurring leg pain problems.  It started this time a few weeks ago. Assuming I'm not mangling what my sports chiropractor has told me, basically the weight of the baby in my pelvis is pinching some muscle/nerves at the top of my left leg.  Which means that sometimes I'm having numbness and weakness in that leg, and it's pretty painful where my leg connects with my hip.

So the past day or two, we've had this wonderful respite from the 107 degree weather with moments of temperatures in the *gasp* 70s!  Yesterday, I freaked out in the morning with my pile of errands - afraid I would miss this great weather.  So I grabbed 1.5 miles, all the time I could.

Last night, that leg pain started up again so no run.  This morning I thought it felt better and headed out the door.  It did not feel great, but it wasn't really painful.  I just felt, well, big and pregnant honestly.  But I had some good paces for the first 1.5 miles with my doc's ordered 5 min run / 1 min walk intervals.  The paces for my run segments were 11:20, 11:20, 11:08.  That's a sign of the good weather, that with pregnancy and all, I could get some run segments that are very very close to my pre-pregnancy easy run pace.

Then at 1.5 miles, that leg started hurting.  And each hop to that left leg in the run felt like a million pounds coming down on my femur (bone at the top of my leg).  So I moved to just walking.  I was feeling dejected and hot in the full sun despite the lower temps, but I got around the corner to my house just after the lawn guys had arrived and begun work.  Okay, I don't want to walk up to my front door through a cloud of grass, dirt, and allergens.  So I continued down one street.  I was only at 2.6 miles at this time.

So thank you, lawn guys, for helping me extend this run/walk.  And if I had struggled painfully to keep running, I would have been back to my front door before the lawn guys arrived and probably would have only done the 2.6 miles.  Instead, with the help of the lawnmowers, I ended up with 3.4 miles! That's why each component of that workout happened as it did - to help me get just a little more done this morning. It all came together for a reason.

Happy Running!


  1. woo-hoo... great run Libby! I got out this morning too and finally got my confidence back... loving the weather change. ;-)

  2. So not only did you get in an extra mile, you also have a freshly tended to lawn. Sounds like a total win-win situation! Now sit back and enjoy the fresh grass!