Thursday, August 27, 2009

Resetting My Pace In the Next Couple Weeks

Reminder going into this: 11:30 is half marathon goal pace, half marathon PR is 12:23 pace, speed work has been done the last two months at 10:45ish pace as mile repeats with minute walk breaks.

Tonight was my 4th run since the NYC Half Marathon Aug. 16. It was ALSO the 4th run at an 11 minute per mile pace or faster.

It started out as my inability to take it slow and recover. So I thought, after racing the half marathon, I would cut back on miles per week, but keep up a very "purposeful pace".

In reality, looking at my best running, this is mild speedwork I've been doing. Bad Libby! Not so good at easy runs, recovery runs.

After three runs like that, complaining a lot of the way, I realized that this pace didn't feel that bad, and I wasn't having to work as hard as I thought I would to hold it, that mechanically it didn't feel so hard or awkward as I expected.

So for tonight I thought I would again keep my miles low and work on that pace. With a few sprinkles hitting Sarah and me as we headed out, I thought, "Finally, some rain, weather that would feel a little less hot, on our run." But no, sprinkles stopped seconds later and, aside from an occasional mild breeze, it was a steamy humid run.

We did 2 miles. 10:56, 10:46. Yay for negative splits!

"The Plan" for right now: Do 3 miles Saturday at 11 min/mi or faster, do 2 miles Sunday at 11 min/mi or faster.

"The Goal" for right now: Keep with this sub-11 pace, and slowly start adding back miles next week. I'm actually feeling like in a couple weeks, my more "natural" pace will feel like 11 min/mi, rather than 11:30-12:00 min/mi.

We'll see, all plans and goals subject to change. :-)

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