Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sometimes I'm Such a Girl

So after 7-8 weeks of very consistent training, last week I didn't run at all. I had done my long run last Sunday, so my planning was to do my weekday runs Wednesday and Thursday nights.

But Wednesday night there were storms in Allen, complete with lightning. Not safe.

Then is the part where this story has to do with being SUCH a girl. My husband, daughter, and I had a family photoshoot scheduled for Saturday morning, and I hadn't realized by coincidence that I had a hair cut and coloring appointment Thursday night. This was a reschedule because the salon had lost power the previous weekend, so the whole thing hadn't clicked. So Wednesday morning it hit me - you know your hair is never as cute as when the hairdresser has just styled it, and I realized that I obviously couldn't run Thursday night because of the hair appt that night, but also that I could have really cute hair in the photoshoot Saturday morning if I didn't run between Thursday night and then. Only a day and a half!

So there went the week. I totally failed at fitting in the running because of several reasons, the biggest one having to do with my hair of all things.

I think it worked out fine - I've been stretch a lot and I want to be really fresh for the New York City Half Marathon this Sunday anyway. I'll get a couple small runs in this week, but that's it.

It would be great to PR (set a new personal record) on Sunday at the race, but I'm trying not to put pressure on myself. We'll just see what happens!

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