Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Speed / Recovery the week after NYC Half?

Sunday, Aug. 16 - NYC Half - missed PR by a minute - finish at 12:28 pace

Past 8 weeks of training before the race was basically 11:30s for long runs and goal half marathon pace, 10:45-10:50s for speed work.

All the next week my back was in bad shape - felt very out of alignment.

Tuesday, Aug. 19 - 2 miles - done at a purposeful pace - 11:01, 11:03My legs felt SO sluggish.

Sunday, Aug. 23 - 3 miles - purposeful pace for first 3 - 10:57, 10:52, 11:00
+ 0.56 miles casual pace later that morning

Shins were hurting a little. Was able to get my back adjusted at the Hottest Half (thankful my chiropractor was the one helping at the race).

Tuesday, Aug. 25 - 2 miles - purposeful pace - 10:54, 10:52

7 miles in the last week all at 11:03 or under pace! Yay!
Chiropractor appointment tomorrow to get the shins treated and still having nagging tightness in upper back.

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