Thursday, February 4, 2010

Determined or Stupid? I'm Not Sure Either Right Now

Today was Running Streak Day #31. I'm past the one-month mark, and I don't know when it will end.  Although after today, I'm questioning if it's worth it.

I knew today would be busy.  Getting ready for out of town family to come stay for the weekend, and an event dinner at one of my husband and my favorite restaurants - a 4-course Argentinian dinner at La Duni with Macallan Scotch pairings (including 18-yr!) and hand-rolled ice balls for the Scotch drinks! So exciting! I have such a hard time getting up early to run which is why I've never tried to set up that routine.  I'm a night owl, and why sabotage myself?  If it's something I know I just REALLY don't want to do, why try to train then?!?  But I thought maybe I could do it just for today, just to keep the streak alive. 

I woke up when the alarm went off and convinced myself I was being stupid as I heard the rain and knew how cold it was, that I could find a way to run later today, and so I went back to sleep.  This meant I either would have to somehow get the minimum 1 mile for the streak during the day with a 2 year old, or way late tonight at a dangerously late hour after a heavy dinner with drinking.

So 9:30 am, I plopped Marissa into the jogging stroller my husband had pulled out from where it was stored.  Background story is that I used this jogging stroller a lot in the first year after Marissa was born to get back in shape, but once I was past walking and doing mostly running, I found I really hate how it feels to run with the jogging stroller.  It's disaster on my running gait and have felt it contributed to minor leg and feet tweaks, pains, and potential injuries.  Further, let me add that Marissa is rarely put in any kind of stroller, so she's no longer used to it either.

I bundled her up in a jacket, wrapped her in a blanket, and put the rain/UV cover over the jogging stroller - out the door we headed.  It was hard getting started and about 2/10 of a mile into it, I chose to walk the mile because it just did not feel like a healthy run - I can not get injured right now!  It was 40 degrees out and misting rain.

About 3/10 of a mile in, I realize ALL THREE wheels of the jogging stroller are flat.  No wonder this was seeming so hard! It was like pushing a 30 lb kid in a 20 lb weight without wheels.  Ugh.  I was far enough from the house that I didn't want to go back and stop early and not meet the minimum.  Going back and entering the house and trying to keep a fussy toddler in the stroller while I hunted down the bike pump was not going to happen.  I knew we just wouldn't make it out of the house again.

So I pushed a stroller with flat tires, checking often to make sure I wasn't damaging the rims of the wheels.  Marissa threw fits about her "cage" off and on for most of the walk.  I was cold and wet as it started to rain a little harder.  We finished the walk at 1.32 miles in about 24 minutes.  My arms are sore and I think pushing that stroller equates to serious resistance training. ;-)

Was this all worth it? It was miserable.  I know I said I wouldn't stop the streak for anything trivial, but was this what I needed today?  I'm struggling mentally today with this streak.  Add to it that I couldn't get to the chiropractor this week and my shin's been bothering me a little, so yesterday's run was kept short to let it rest.  I know it's been so good for me so far, to make me learn to identify the excuses in my training and just get it done.  But I don't want to do another mile like today.  Here's hoping for a better run tomorrow!


  1. Good job getting out there and getting the extra workout with the 3 flat tires! It was worth it. Today you still have the steak going and today is all you have to worry about. :)

  2. It's done now so good for you. I know I probably wouldn't have stuck it out. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great job, Libby, for getting out there despite the cold, rain, and flat stroller tired!! I think you did the right thing by not running the whole time. Walking one mile is definitely better than having to take time off running due to an injury.

  4. inspirational!! We all have runs when everything can and will go wrong but you did it:)! Hope you enjoy your well deserved night out with your hubbie!