Tuesday, February 16, 2010

150 Miles Run in 2010 & How Many Miles That Really Is

Yesterday's run marked 150 miles run in 2010.  This is on my way to my goal of 500 miles by halfway through the year (6/30/10), when I'll then reevaluate and choose a year-end goal.  An yearly total goal is to easy to procrastinate on and miss and doesn't reflect potential positive changes in your mileage over the year, or injury.  Maybe I'll only be able to set a goal of 350 for the second half of the year, or maybe I'll be able to set a goal of 700.

Magnitude of 150 Miles in My Running Experience
I ran 457.2 miles all of last year (my best running year to date).  So I wanted to know what 150 miles really means in the scope of my running life.  My 150 miles as of February 15 (46 days into the year) is the equivalent of  the cumulative miles I was at on JUNE 11, 2009!  What a change!  I am so blessed to be able to have added mileage over time without injury.

How Many Miles is 150 Really?
In Texas, where it takes forever to get anywhere outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the 150 miles is the equivalent of driving from my house in Allen, Texas, to:
  • Temple, TX to the south
  • Longview, TX to the east
  • getting close to Abilene, TX to the west
  • getting close to Oklahoma City, OK to the north. 
And I'm exactly halfway to San Antonio!

Looking forward to more runs to come!


  1. 124 for me from 1/1 to date. Looking forward to my run today too. ;)

  2. That is too awesome! That's like half the distance between where we both live (Dallas to Austin)! :-)