Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Running Streak Day 51 - Real-Life Evolution of a Run

The evolution of my 51st straight day of running was an interesting one.  Let me take you through the steps:
  • My legs are sore and tired.  I raced a half marathon Sunday (Stonebridge Ranch Half), and I have another half marathon 6 days later (Cowtown Half this Saturday).
  • I woke up in the morning thinking I would go out in jeans and walk a mile in the neighborhood while Marissa was in school during the AM and then walk another mile in the evening to total 2.0 miles today.
  • My required errands of my life consumed me this morning so no 1 mile this morning!
  • Okay, I'll walk two miles this evening.
  • Well, if I'm going out, let's at least put on running clothes, right? :-)
  • Let's just jog two easy miles.  I have a route that's about a mile straight out from the house down one street, I'll just do that out and back.
  • A little dip to the left on a side street for a house's length to that alley entrance, cross the street, and back through the community pool parking lot - there's an extra 0.03.
  • A little jag to the right down a side street to the next intersection, down a street, and back to the original road I was on - another extra amount, about 0.15.
  • And it continued, a dip here, a jag there, a jig here, and before I knew it, I was back to my house at 2.35 miles (note: > 2.0 miles) :-) and at not the worst jogging pace!
I need to spend more time icing and stretching the next couple days so I'll feel ready for Saturday.  But I wanted to share how one intended run transformed over the course of a day.  Happy Running!

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  1. That's cool! I'm a new runner...that has started slacking. I was at 3 miles, got really busy with work and kids and my 3 days a week of running turned into 1 day a week of running. With the weather getting better and my first 5k coming up I plan on hitting the pavement and making it stick. Thanks for sharing!