Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unmotivated but Shifting my Focus - Running Streak Day 55 - Speedplay

After yesterday's new PR at Cowtown Half Marathon, I didn't feel motivated today - AT ALL.  It wasn't that I was too sore or too tired.  Even though the PR was a 3 minute improvement, and even though it was my 3rd half in 14 days, I was actually recovering nicely.  But I was just feeling a little burnt out.

Last month was my first time to ever have a month of over 100 miles.  So I thought it would be cool to have a second straight month of over 100 miles, which would feel more impressive since February's a short month.  But the last week had been hectic, so today I'd have to do 5.51 miles to hit 100 exactly.

Hubby could understand how I was feeling, and I spitballed with him (a non-runner who has learn to understand and keep up with most of what runners think and how we plan) about how to shift my training and what I wanted my goals to be.  I just didn't want to run today, but he said that the day after a PR was not the day to end my 54 day running streak.  I should decide that on another day and understand why I'm choosing that.

So at 5 pm, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and got in my running clothes.  I went out and decided to run hard and do more of what yesterday's race had ended up being - run/walk intervals at a FAST pace for me.  I did the first 30 minutes with run 9 minutes / walk 1 minute.  I didn't pay a ton of attention to exact paces, but focused on the following... if a 10 was all-out, and 1 was the most meandering slow pace I could do, this was easily a 7-8, maybe even 9.  After 30 minutes, I moved to 7 / 1 intervals as I was getting more tired and knew I didn't really have any food (which = energy) in me.  Finally, at 5.1 miles, I walked and super-slow jogged the last 0.55 miles.  total: 5.55 miles.  That puts me at 100.04 miles for the month, and my 55th straight day of outdoor running DONE!

I'm still considering how I want to spend the next month of training.  More thoughts to come as they are formalized!

Mile 1: 10:54
Mile 2: 10:43
Mile 3: 10:54
Mile 4: 11:11
Mile 5: 11:36
Next 0.1 mi: 12:01
Final slow 0.55 mi: 13:43