Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is it really speedwork if you chatter the whole time?

Yep, bad bad runner. At first, I was so proud of myself when I got back home. The stats:
* 3 mile repeats
* Around 90 degrees with 65% humidity
* Goal when I headed out the door was shoot for 10:45 pace on each mile with the understanding that I probably didn't have that in me.
* Actual was negative splits with a 10:49 average! 10:54, 10:49, 10:44.

The first mile would have been faster but the legs felt good and I wasn't watching the Garmin much at all the last half mile and didn't realize I was a little slow, could have kicked it up the last couple tenths of a mile.

So why should I feel bad? Question: if you are chatting and having dramatic conversations with your training partner the WHOLE 3 miles, are you really doing speedwork? I mean, really?

See, on later reflection, maybe 10:45 pace is a stupid goal on my speedwork nights. Maybe I need to just shut up the whole way and shoot for 10:30 pace goal next time.

Food for thought.... Happy Running!

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