Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You Know You've Gotten Faster When...

...The easy run is faster than your old race pace! Oh My Goodness!

I had just spent the last 5 weeks in HARD training. I worked on speed the whole time and pushed pushed pushed. After a couple years of mostly racing with no training in between, this was the first time I've really ever trained with such strong purpose. And then Saturday, after not doing anything over 10K distance since May 17, I had jumped up to do a 9.3 mile and at a sub-11:30 pace (minus one leisurely mile).

So with sore shins, I headed into my sports chiropractor's office the other day, where we talk training techniques for a good hour every time I visit. And I'll add he's also an ex-university running coach. So this time he told me I really need to take this week and run easy, do economy runs for the week. I should not go by the numbers on the watch for pace, but what would feel like an easy run in terms of effort.

So tonight training partner Sarah and I went out for 3 easy miles for the first time in a long time. And we talked non-stop the whole way. It's funny that I felt out of breath the whole time because of the talking, not the running.

Results: 3 miles = 37 minutes = 12:19 average pace

My pace for all distances (I didn't have a fast or slow pace before) when I started this year was a 12:30-13:00. Although I did 6 half marathons in the winter 2008/spring 2009, I didn't train in between them. I would do a half, not run for 3 weeks, and then do another half - and repeat. I've really only trained this last 5 weeks.

And now my easy run is faster than my old race pace!

Today - EASY : 12:19 pace
DRC Frigid 10K, Jan. 2009: 12:40 pace
Dallas White Rock Half, Dec. 2009: 13:19 pace

This just floors me! 2 1/2 hour half marathon - watch out because here I come.

Happy Running and Walking to All!


  1. It's just amazing what training can do. Even if you only do speedwork once a week, it makes a difference. I have no doubt that you will get your half PR!!

  2. I had such a good time. Dare I say it didn't feel like running?