Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sluggish Legs

Tuesday night was speedwork - ha! It was also a heat index of 100 degrees. This is the second run in the last week where I've felt like I had sluggish legs. And my brain must be fried too, because I totally messed up the run.

Couldn't get my legs going fast (goal was mile repeats at 10:45) and the first mile was 11:16. Well, it was still "speedy", faster than race pace. But then I forgot to walk and get my heart rate back down before going again. So we just continued running and I had to walk a little in the second mile. Even with the walking, finished in 11:37.

So then we did take a walk break since I had realized I'd forgotten that important piece. But I kept the clock running and took a super long walk break ( 2 1/2 minutes ), so then I don't really know after the fact what the running pace was. So third mile was 12:57.

At least I managed a good kick at the end of mile 2 and 3. Otherwise, I felt like the only thing I did right was get out the door and do the run. Nothing else went to plan. But at least that's a pretty good thing I did do right!

3 miles, 11:57 average.

Happy Running!

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