Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time for a Real Speed Workout

So last night's blog entry talked about how maybe my speedwork wasn't as "speedy" as I thought if I could talk up a storm the whole way. I couldn't do my next run as expected this Thursday so I was doing my "Thursday run" tonight on Wednesday, so back-to-back days with that speed run.

I thought that maybe I should do a "better" speed workout for tonight's run. My training partner canceled at the last minute, so I was on my own. Very hot and very humid tonight. Although at least there was a breeze...for only the first mile! Grr, that always happens to me.

I went out and first mile didn't feel bad. Mile 1 - 10:03 - yay!
Took my 1 - 1 1/2 minute walk break and started again.
I got to 1.8 miles and had to walk for a few seconds as I gagged and fought the horrible nauseous feeling I was having. I pushed through and finished the mile but had definitely dropped my pace in that last 0.2. Mile 2 - 10:26.
I take about 2 minute walk break. I feel hot and sick - dehydrated - overheated - a little like I'm going to pass out.
I start and can only go a tenth of a mile. I walk another minute.
I do another tenth of a mile. I walk another minute and a half.
I do another 2/10s of a mile. I'm done. I'm right by home and worried about how bad I feel.
But that last 0.4 miles = 10:14 pace. Which I thought was a good way to get that last 4/10s in. Keep teaching my body what that pace in this weather feels like, even if I have to recover more often and can't go very far.

So in 88 degrees and 75% humidity, I do 2.4 miles at a 10:14 avg, but includes walk breaks (not counting towards distance, just used as recovery).

I'm very hopeful. New Year's Resolution is to break 32 minute 5K (10:19 pace)... So if it was 30 degrees cooler, and DRY (lower humidity), could I do that pace for another 0.7 miles and do it without walk breaks? Yeah, I think I could!


  1. Great job Libby! I hate that sick feeling I get during speedwork.

  2. I was also doing my speed workout last night. 86 and high humidity here in Kentucky. I gave up at 2.7 miles because I started getting goosebumps and I knew that was a bad sign :(
    My next race is August 8 so that is my last speed train before the big day! I am excited.