Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finally Time to Display Those Medals

After collecting finisher medals since 2005, I now have 22 medals for races I've run, and 7 medals for races I've produced. I've always kept them in the drawer that houses my running supplies - yes, I know, I have one nightstand drawer for all of my running supplies. It wasn't a huge deal to me, I didn't see the need to display them. But the other night I went looking for my headlamp, which I hadn't used since El Scorcho 25K in July, and I was digging through a pile of finisher medals and their neck ribbons for it. And I realized the medals were taking up a lot more space in the drawer than the supplies were.

So time for a change. I'm not a huge fan personally of the medal hanger racks because I don't really want to hang them on my wall. It doesn't exactly fit with the decor in our home. Last night it dawned on me what I could do instead. I have two jewelry pads - black velvet rectangular display pads in a black wood holder. They are perfect for letting me easily see all of my necklaces and other jewelry, although ironically I rarely rarely ever wear jewelry. So I have repurposed them now to hold finisher medals.

I made one of the displays my 2009 medals, and then other for 2010 medals. That means I still have 4 pre-2009 medals for races I ran, and I'd like to find a way to display together the 7 medals for half marathons I've produced (DRC Half 2007 & 2008, Heels and Hills Half 2009 & 2010, Heels and Hills and Him Half 2009 & 2010, and New Year's Day Half 2011).

Here's the 2009 - I ran 8 half marathons and completed the Texas Independence Relay...

And here's the 2010 - I ran 7 half marathons and completed the Texas Independence Relay for a second year and finished my first 25K at El Scorcho...

So now I have them on my dresser where I can get inspired by them every day and feel like they don't stand out from the dark wood and more traditional decor in my home!

Perfect timing for this change as I feel far enough along my post-baby recovery to start planning out 2011 races!


  1. I love it! Time to let those medals see the light of day! Erik and I have ours hanging off of two big candle sticks on our mantle. I recall good memories everytime that I glance at them and they are a good conversation starter.

  2. Awesome! We put all of our together with the race bibs and some pictures we printed out in a frame. 2010 took 2 big ones, looking forward to 2011s frames!

  3. Perfect!! Love it! I see cool TIR medals. Do we know what they look like this year?

  4. That is such a creative idea! And what an impressive collection you have earned. Very cool!