Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whole World in My Hands: Spibelt Gear Review

A few days ago, I posted the dilemma with the size of smartphones: find a way to carry it on you or leave it at home. And there's reasons on both sides to take it or leave it.  I personally like to carry my blackberry with me, along with a $20 bill, occasionally a kleenex, and extra Gu at times, and my car or house key.  For quite a long time, I had used an Amphipod Micropack Landsport. But it's starting to look really worn out, and it was always a tight fit for my phone.

So putting out to the twitterverse, I received three recommendations:
  1. Spibelt - from @Gatito97, @Rocketjam, @Run4donuts, @turk_tab
  2. Amphipod Airflow Lite Waistpack - from @Livnstrong
  3. IFitness Pouch - from @UHS_Caren
I had been given a Spibelt recently but hadn't tried it yet. I have to admit I'm generally a runner with a "If it's not broke, don't fix it" mentality. I stick with my routine.  So after these recommendations, I pulled it out of where I'd stored it, and used it for my next run.

I could tell right away that the size was appropriate that it would hold the things I needed. I was able to put in my Blackberry, ID, a $20 bill, a Gu, and car keys without feeling like I really had to squeeze them in there, or subsequently have problems getting them out.

Before I tried it out, I could foresee two potential problems, and here's my feedback on those key items:
  • I'm kinda "hippy". It's definitely where I carry my extra weight. So I didn't know if it would even fit or sit at a level that was comfortable and flattering.  Let's put it this way: I'm a tight XL in a Fuel Belt unless I wear it way up high on my waist.  And I don't need the insult of a "one size fits all" belt with adjustable sections that has to be adjusted to its very largest for me to wear - I'm overweight, but I'm not very overweight - I'm just overweight for a lot of the runners I know.  But this belt adjusted well, there was room to spare, and that was at the level that would be most flattering, right below the top of the shorts.
  • It was going to jiggle around. With the weight of a smartphone, I was just predicting that a belt like this would. Of course the Spibelt advertises it doesn't "bounce, ride, or shift" to use their words, but I'm one who believes they are implying that to be the case if you are a very slim runner carrying a $20 bill and an ID only in the pouch. After several runs, I can confirm that this pouch stays in place! I was really surprised by this. Sorry, Spibelt, it's not you, it's just that things bouncing and riding up is a norm for my body shape/size. LOL. And on different runs I tried wearing the pouch side of the belt on the front and some runs I wore the pouch on the back, and the pouch still didn't bounce.
So now I'm a Spibelt wearer. :-)

Big Disclaimer Time: Please note that I am not affiliated with Spibelt, paid by Spibelt, given any considerations by Spibelt. This is a completely independent assessment. Unlike a lot of bloggers, I didn't ask Spibelt for a free belt to give a review with, and I also don't therefore have one for a giveaway. If you are looking for a belt, and this recommendation holds weight with you, then go buy one. :-)

Happy Running!


  1. I LOVE Spibelt! I wear it on every run, mostly to carry my iPhone but I have carried other things in it too. I just got a polka-dot one, so cute!

  2. Glad you like the belt! I wore mine once so far and I might not have had it on tight enough, but it was bouncing a little which bugged me. I had 2 gus, my keys, and a pair of gloves inside. I would love to carry my blackberry with me but I'm afraid that my massive sweating will mess it up :oP

  3. I could have told you you'd dig the SpiBelt. Lee and Isis hooked me on mine, and it's been a great solution for toting around my iPhone. Never moves, never applies too much pressure on my back.

    @Monika SpiBelt produces a sweat-proof model for people like you and me. Even after long runs, my phone remains dry as a bone.

  4. I love my spibelt!!! And as a side note, I keep my phone in a zip lock bag just in case the sweating gets out of control! Love the belt though.. never have trouble with it.

  5. Interesting...I am glad you posted this because I have had the phone bringing dilemma on races. I hate not being able to call after a race to figure out where everyone is. When you know you can't be re-admitted after you walk out of a convention center it can be important!

    And, on a side note, I had to mention that when I first read Monika's post I thought she said she carried two guns in her pouch and was upset it was bouncing. I was amazed for two seconds that she thought TWO would be a reasonable weight. :)