Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yearly Goal To Get Outside My Physical Comfort Zone

I'm not an adventurous person - not really, and most who know me well will agree. Just like how I'm not an extroverted social person - and again, those who know me well know that I work hard to not be an introvert. I like to push occasionally to make sure I step outside my comfort zone. After my first adventure in trying to get outside my physical comfort zone in 2009, I've vowed to try to do something every year like that.

  • I ziplined in Hawaii. 8 ziplines without the frills, just hanging from a rope, flying hundreds of feet over the canopy of the trees. By the way, I've had a history of fear of heights.
  • Also in Hawaii, I explored a quarter-mile of pitch-black lava tubes with only a flashlight.
  • I did a running streak of 63 days in January & February. Me, the casual runner, running every day. Definitely outside my usual running routine and took quite the commitment.
  • I had my first hot-air balloon ride in March in Napa.
  • I did my first 25K race... in July... in Texas midnight (El Scorcho 25K)
So now it's 2011! What do I do this year to get outside my comfort zone? It can be running-related or something totally different. So with that, bring on the ideas and suggestions! You all have something you've done outside your physical comfort zone - so what is it?

( Please note that I can NOT swim so avoid those sorts of activities. And learning to swim is a time commitment I can not give with running and my family right now. )


  1. I was part of you being out of your comfort zone? So cool! Elizabeth Mendiola : )

  2. Hey Lib: being a runner, gives your lower half alot of attention. Maybe you can try an activity that gives your upper body some love too. There's rock climbing (plenty of indoor, safe palces around here) kayaking, conoeing, etc..or if you're really feeling spunky, you can give crossfit a go. Hope this helps.


  3. I strive to do that too! :)

    Bummer about the swimming, I was going to say triathlon. I HIGHLY recommend it - this year hubby is doing one with me even though he's not a strong swimmer (we're working on it). Duathlon? Adventure race? Trapeze lessons? Flying lessons? Good luck!

  4. I love these kinds of questions! What about yoga? I know that is something that is totally out of my comfort zone, but I have found that it helps my running alot. There is no better way to stretch out all of those muscles that get abused by pounding the pavement. Just a thought.