Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Long Run Before Austin Half

11 miles today with my friend Fiona (@theASGwifey). We met up at a nearby park close to home.  Icy patches on the sidewalk for first couple miles. Would jump on the grass to avoid but at one point hit a think layer of ice above a watery puddle. Soaked my feet. :-(

We had a few seconds of snow flakes in the first mile too, but instead of getting worse, over the run it turned into blue skies and fluffy white clouds!

Fiona had to drag me the final couple miles. Muscles were sore from not being used to this distance, C-section site uncomfortable (a topic I'll revisit on a future blog post, I need to put some questions out to the running community first), and feet were on fire. I assumed feet hurt so bad because I needed to toughen 'em up, get my calluses going again.  Turns out wet feet for most of 11 miles = blisters! Quarter size on each foot. :-(

Now I've done that last longest run before the Austin Half Marathon in two weeks.

After the run, I headed to Grapevine and bought a treadmill from a friend. Her baby is now 1 year old so easier for her to run outside. Meanwhile, with a newborn, I'm about to start running on a treadmill for the first time in years. I can count the number of times I've used a treadmill with my fingers and toes. Not a fan - I think they are hard on people biomechanically, but the ability to get a couple miles in here and there at odd hours is too good to pass up.
Splits from the 11-miler:

Mile 1 - 13:22
Mile 2 - 13:49
Mile 3 - 13:16
Mile 4 - 12:53
Mile 5 - 13:03
Mile 6 - 14:52
Mile 7 - 13:03
Mile 8 - 13:41
Mile 9 - 16:15
Mile 10 - 16:27
Mile 11 - 19:35


  1. You did it!!! I'm so proud of you! Running 13.1 in 2 weeks will be just down-right exhilarating!! Way to go!!

  2. Great job! I am curious about your c-section comfort during your run as I am about to go through the same thing. Share, please!

  3. That's great! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!