Friday, January 14, 2011

Running Patterns Can't Be Found in So Little Data

That title is something I have to remember right now.  I have a mathematics degree, which means I love analyzing data and trying to find patterns and then draw conclusions from them.  Four runs postpartum and I'm already trying to do this!

1st run : 0.10 mile intervals at 8:00-9:00 min pace for 0.60 miles total.
2nd run : 0.10-0.20 mile intervals at 8:00-9:00 min pace for 0.80 miles total.
3rd run : 0.10-0.25 mile intervals at roughly 9:00 min pace for 1.01 miles total.
TODAY'S RUN: 0.10-0.20 mile intervals at 9:00 min pace for 1.12 miles total.

Total run length with walk breaks, warm-up, and cool down was 2.5 miles today (long cool down today).

So far, so good - extending the total time at the desired pace.  But I'm also looking at the lengths of walk breaks and my max heart rate during the run segments.  I walk until I feel recovered, which also corresponds most times to trying to wait until my heart rate is below 140 before I run again.  Between the last run and this run, walk breaks got a little shorter. 

Max heart rate in the 1st run: 188.  In the 2nd run: 184.  In the 3rd run: 180. In today's run: 178.

But again, none of this really means anything! It's four data points. This is no basis for looking for trends.  Yes, I'd like to see the walk breaks shortening, and I'd like to see my max heart rate start to drop.  But I should give it another couple weeks before I start drawing conclusions.  It's the mathematician in me - I know it's not smart, but I really want some data to analyze! Looking forward to seeing the next couple weeks unfold.

Note that my legs felt like lead today. Ugh. Debating rethinking some things and adding in some slow longer runs. But I'm afraid if I let my body know what that 11-13 min per mile pace is, it won't want to go fast again.  This is how I got in this mental breakdown before of not being able to get much faster because in some ways I'll now admit that it was just... comfortable.  Maybe not the smartest game I'm playing with my body right now, but there's a big mental component I am playing to right now. Hmmm....

Happy Running!

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