Tuesday, January 11, 2011

San Francisco Marathon Training Starts January 29th

I hadn't really gotten around to talking about this until now, but now that I'm running again, the following topic's insanely back into my focus.

I was selected late 2010 as one of only about a dozen folks to be an Ambassador for the San Francisco Marathon.  Basically, we're folks across the United States who are friendly runners ourselves and are your local resource as you prepare for the San Francisco half or full marathon. Here are the bios of all the ambassadors here... It's a pretty diverse group!

So I'm here as your Dallas-Fort Worth ambassador for the 2011 race on July 31, 2011! I'm very excited to be running this race for the first time.  I had heard such great things and was actually already registered for it when they posted about the chance to apply to be an ambassador.  I was supposed to run it in 2010 but decided not to with the pregnancy several months along at that point so I deferred my entry to this year!

Now since I'm not just an ambassador but am running it with you all, that means I need to get training too! The SF Marathon is celebrating the start of their training program in San Francisco on January 29, 2011.  It's a 26-week training program to prepare people for either half or full marathon distance. 

Come Join Me January 29th!

Even though you can't be in San Francisco and take full advantage of the program doesn't mean we can't all kick off training together.  So I'm working right now to put together a local DFW training run for the training kickoff Saturday, January 29th! There will be giveaways and a door prize, and we'll have the 26-week training schedule for you to take home and get started!  As soon as I have details, I'll post it here, tweet it, and post a link on Facebook.  Look for details soon!

Happy Running!


  1. That's awesome! Congratulations!

  2. How fun!!! Congrats to you!!! (I'll probably be running the Texas Half on the 29th with Sherry... but I'm still interested to hear about the kick-off.)

  3. Oh man! There is so much fun stuff going on that weekend....that I will miss because we are going to Houston for the Houston Half. Have fun!