Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Working in a Little Speed

Tonight's run goal was to try to do at least 3.1 miles worth of 1/2 mile intervals at around 5K PR pace (10:20 pace), which was of course set pre-pregnancy.  This ended up being a hard task and while I fell off at the end, I did a decent job at the goal.

3.5 miles total including the warm-up walk and cool-down walk.  Walk breaks between intervals were a little under a tenth of a mile.

1/2 mile splits: 10:00, 10:10, 10:37, 11:13, 11:26.
Yeah, I got tired - too hard of a pace to maintain this early in my recovery I guess. :-(

But I notice in the graph of pace and heart rate below that my pace the first 300 feet is consistent across all the splits (eventual natural pace someday?) and my heart rate remained th same even as my overall 1/2 mile pace was getting slower.

I can't wait to see it get a little easier to hold something closer to 10 min/mi pace in hopefully the next several weeks.

Happy Running!

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