Monday, January 10, 2011

Yes, I Still Fit in My Running Tights

My second run back postpartum. In the first run back, I explained my new method to start with running small distances at a "reset" much faster pace than my pre-pregnancy average running pace.  In that run, I did a tenth of a mile at sub-9:00 pace six times over 2.1 miles. 

Tonight, I set out in 29 degree weather for my run. With no runs since the end of September, I've had NO even slightly cold weather running acclimation.  A little harder on the lungs, but at least I have the experience in my back pocket to know how to dress.  Getting dressed took about as long as the run, LOL!  Beanie cap + Brooks ear warmer, long-sleeved Heels and Hills hot pink technical shirt + black DRC Cocona technical jacket + red windshirt, running tights + Nike shorts, thick Thorlo socks, Nike Lunarglide shoes.  Yes, thankfully, I have lost my pregnancy weight and can fit in my running tights, because otherwise I wouldn't have known what to do.  And looking at those tights when it was time to get dressed, I wasn't so sure it was going to work!  So at least I was warm enough.

This time, I managed more than a tenth of a mile for several of the splits at sub-9 min/mi pace!  I just gotta keep building a little each time and one day I'll find a new 5K PR, then a new 10K PR, and so on.

Splits at sub-9 min/mi pace (walk breaks between were about a tenth a mile to 0.15 miles, whatever it took to get heart rate below 140 and feel ready to go again):

0.20 mi : 8:47 pace
0.20 mi : 8:55 pace
0.15 mi : 8:47 pace
0.15 mi : 9:00 pace (uphill section!)
0.10 mi : 8:48 pace

In total, I did 1.75 miles. Now I planned to do more, but after that last hard run segment, I thought I saw trash in the street, but when I went by I realized it was one of those kids' electronic game devices! At first, I moved it to the sidewalk where it wouldn't get run over, thinking the owner would retrace their steps.  Then, I worried someone less honest than me would find it and just take it.  So I picked it up and headed home, thinking I could email the neighborhood's email list and maybe track down the owner.  Therefore, my run was cut short.  Luckily, the owner's last name was on the back, and I found that name in the neighborhood directory, so hoping I can reunite it with the sad kid who lost it!

It goes to show, there's something memorable about every run - this one definitely fits that description!

Happy Running!


  1. Woo-hoo! Speedy... Great job. I know you're probably going crazy wanting to up the distances, but I like where you're going with this.

  2. Hey, just found your blog! Congrats on post-pregnancy runs! Would you mind if I talked to you for an article on winter running gear for Email me if it's OK!

  3. Speedy Pants!!
    You are so right about getting ready taking forever. I did a couple of runs at my mom's house recently and both times my step-dad commented that it seemed like getting ready to run takes longer than the run itself! So true!