Monday, January 11, 2010

Conflicting Running Goals? Houston Half may be interesting

In the goals I set for 2010 in my running, I included running 500 miles by June 30 as one of them.  Note that I ran 460 goals in ALL of 2009, so this is a happily moderately aggressive goal.  I also set the goal to not only PR by half marathon time (current PR is 2:32:51), but to break 2 1/2 hours on at least 3 half marathons, i.e. try to learn to consistently come in faster than 2:30.  Add to that the 2010 goal of "10 halfs in '10", and I have a lot of work ahead of me!

As the Houston Half Marathon approaches on Sunday, I found this weekend that I was confronted with a dilemma:
  1. Take it easy race week to make sure my legs were super fresh for PRing at Houston.
  2. Continue racking up the miles toward my pretty aggressive goal of 500.
It seemed I might have to choose between two goals.

But I'm seeing the big picture now.  Part of the reason I set the large six-month mileage goal was because I felt that I needed to get more miles under my feet which would make me a stronger runner and, in the long-term, a faster runner as well.

But why was I nervous and contemplating a super easy week before Houston?  Because of everyone's continued promises that it's such a fast, flat, PR-worthy course!  And yes, I'm sure it is, but I've woken up, and other races are favorable for a fast time too, especially if you are stronger and faster by the time those races come around

So rather than take it super easy this week, I've instead had one of my highest mileage weeks ever - 22.4 miles in the last 7 days.  While my legs are a little tired, I'm not too sore.  I plan to go into Houston Half on Sunday and see what the day has - that race will end up my highest mileage week ever (around 30 miles by the end of that race).  If the weather is good, and I'm feeling good, I'll try for the PR.  If it's not, and my legs are tired, I'll take it easy on this one.  I'm looking at all the half marathon opportunities this spring, and see many other PR-worthy courses ahead, and knowing that I'm working towards delayed gratification, but probably not instant gratification this weekend. :-)

Happy Running!

Me (right) with sister-in-law Cathie (left), who lives in Houston, at the 2009 Houston Marathon Expo.  Cathie's also running the half marathon this year!


  1. You're running 3M also? Very PR-friendly course there. I ran 30 races last year and that was my favorite, definitely.

  2. I feel like I'm running all Spring! I have 7 halfs by April 15! I think if Houston isn't it, then my best chances are 3M, Cowtown, and Big D. We'll see what happens! Going from 10-12 miles per week except race weeks to 20-25 weeks consistently is a lot of work, and the speed and PRs will come, if not now, then at some point!